Through this collaborative environment individuals negotiate their own agreement and in the process develop the necessary tools for resolving future differences. Conflict can result in the productive airing of differences and can lead to creative solutions that address the changing needs of all family members.


  • Promotes communication and cooperation (not antagonism and adversity).
  • Allows the parties to retain control over the decisions that affect their lives without the dictates of the judicial process.
  • Provides opportunity to define and address all the particular interests and needs of everyone involved.
  • Costs significantly less than litigation.
  • Takes less time than litigation, enabling couples to sooner move ahead with their own lives.
  • Focuses on the future, towards rebuilding instead of destroying and casting blame.
  • Explores creative options independent of legal parameters.
  • Research shows that compliance and satisfaction with mediated agreements is higher than when imposed by a court, resulting in less post-divorce litigation.