Colorado Grandparents’ Rights: Do grandparents have any rights in Colorado custody cases?

Grandparents have unique and special relationships with their grandchildren. Seeing your child’s child makes your heart warm and provides you with an endless sense of wonder. Unfortunately, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren is often threatened by divorce. When your relationship with your grandchild is severed by the child’s parent, sometimes you, as a grandparent, can request rights of visitation.

Colorado courts  and Denver courts alike may grant the right of visitation with respect to any minor child or children to a grandparent. The Denver courts are guided by the principle of what is in the best interests of the child, giving consideration to the wishes of such child if he or she is of sufficient age and is capable of forming an intelligent opinion on the matter.

Visitation Rights for Grandparents

Visitation rights shall not be deemed to have created parental rights in the person to whom such visitation rights are granted, but they do provide the grandparent with the ability to spend time with the grandchild on a reasonable and agreed-upon schedule. The family law courts in Colorado have ruled that when a third-party, such as a grandparent, seeks visitation, that party must show that the relationship between the third-party and the child is similar to a parent-child relationship and that the denial of visitation would cause real and significant harm to the child.

How do grandparents obtain visitation in Colorado?

The most important thing you can do is to maintain a constant relationship with your grandchild.

  • If your child, or his or her spouse, has obstructed face-to-face access to your grandchild, do not give up.
  • Continue contact by alternative means of communication, such as telephone, e-mail, text-messaging and letters.
  • Continue to send your grandchild holiday cards and presents.
  • Keep track of your efforts to maintain contact with your grandchild.
  • Keep a diary or log of phone calls made, cards sent, or time spent with your grandchild.

Colorado courts demand a heavy burden of proof for grandparents and others to intervene or obtain visitation. When you come to The Becker Law Firm in Denver for help , we will be ready to guide you throughout the entire process. Contact us for an initial consultation now to get started on.